14 FEBRUARY 2014

We have a date! Our event INTREPID TONGUES will take place in London on 8th May 2014 at The Dutch Centre, Austin Friars. As students of Dutch from the University of Sheffield, our project for this semester is to organise and promote a cultural evening with performances from Dutch and Flemish artists. We will be working with cabaret duo, De Gebroeders Fretz, and finalist of the Leids Cabaretfestival, Maud Vanhauwaert as they blend the themes of art, literature and society.

We aim to investigate the relationship between art and society through a dialogue with the artists and through theoretical exploration. During our weekly group sessions, we endeavour to underpin a few key concepts and examine various attitudes and ideologies.

  • What are the features of postmodernism?
  • Is there a collective aspect to humanity which ties us all together?
  • What is irony?
  • What is the function of art in / for society?
  • Does literature (still) change the world?
  • Should artists feel responsible for society or is art simply an expression of the individual?