Creating new bridges -//- Creating new potential

The Intrepid Tongues team took part in a second Skype interview to meet Belgian performance poet Maud Vanhauwaert. After being introduced to her charming housemates – a rescued cat and chirpy canary – we were intrigued to find out about Maud’s poetry-writing process. Through her honesty and openness, we were privileged to gain a brief insight into her experience as a poet.


Maud’s collection Ik ben mogelijk, uses words to paint pictures. She juxtaposes seemingly disconnected images, which evoke a touching and whimsical sentiment. Maud challenges the reader to construct bridges to connect unrelated notions such as the ‘Man in Kinshasa’ and the ‘West-Vlaamse boer’. The honesty her poems present, strike a sincere and intimate chord.

Click here to listen to a short clip from our chat with Maud:

Maud brings an often closed and exclusive art form to the forefront of society through her public performances. She is compelled to bring her poetry to life and not confine her work to words on paper. In doing so, she hands over total freedom of interpretation to her audience. Maud is less interested in performing on a political podium; rather she is more concerned with the possibilities of where imagination can take us. Her collection, Ik ben mogelijk, was so named with these possibilities in mind.


We look forward to meeting Maud in person on 8th May!