Coming to a Dutch Centre near you…

Eindelijk moeten wij bijna niet meer wachten- het is nog zes dagen tot Intrepid Tongues gastheer is tijdens een avond vol poëzie en presentaties bij het Dutch Centre in London. Vandaag hebben we de laatste details gladgestreken en natuurlijk veel koffie gedronken- wat leuk?!

First on the agenda was a debrief from the financial team. They informed the group that their careful planning had quite literally paid off and funds for the event were under control. One of the largest expenditures was the coach down to London, so the next issue to arise was whether we were going to fill it. The answer- of course! Being so close to the end of the academic year, it was agreed that the event was a fantastic final excursion for students and staff from one of the largest departments of Dutch in the UK.

Having never organised an event which includes live performances, it was interesting for the group to learn about the technical side of things. The word ‘rider’ is now an implicit part of our vocabulary and a sound-savvy is on board and ready for the 8th. It was also decided that a photographer and film crew should be present at the event in order to document the proceedings and create a little memento of the evening.

The publicity team informed the group of their tireless communication efforts- the amount of phone calls made and emails/letters written to publicise this one off event is astonishing. Intrepid Tongues have also been omnipresent on various types of social media. Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the project website, provide an excellent platform to not only promote the event but also communicate with the performers involved and potential audience.

Finally, the schedule for the day was discussed and the running times of the event were decided. We very much look forward to introducing Maud Vanhauwaert and De Gebroeders Fretz for what promises to be a spectacular evening of poetry and performance.

En een laatste punt- we hebben het gehaald! Jullie kunnen Intrepid Tongues op de Universiteit van Sheffields’ student home page vinden!